Monty Music Ltd is the publishing Arm of the Candelion Group. Monty Music currently works with sub publishers Avex (Japan), Universal Music (South Korea & Asia) & Imagem Music (Europe), and others representing their writers worldwide.

Our catalogue includes songs from a variety of writers, including the likes of Andy Platts, Louis Vause, Shawn Lee, John Pickup, Steve Coogan, Steve Llewellyn and others. Our songs have been used internationally in TV series, Films & Trailers & played on radio stations around the world.

Andy. Platts

Front man and songwriter in UK band Mamas Gun and has penned chart topping releases for the band and for other artists around the world.

Andy works primarily from his own studio facility based just outside of London but also regularly travels internationally to work alongside artists and other writers on projects.

His musical abilities span multi-instrumentalist to producer, he writes both top line and track in genres ranging from soul to rock and beyond.

Louis. Vause

Graham Coxon, guitarist with the band Blur, has written of Louis’ music that:
“His music resonates with the sound of a life well lived; his acceptance of its fragility and absurdity and it is imbued with his unique ability to combine wit, melancholy and joy,”
whilst Ivan Hewitt of The Daily Telegraph wrote of his album ‘Midnight in Havana’ that:
“The pianist and composer Louis Vause is a reminder of a different era when musicians living exuberant, near chaotic lives devoured all the music they encountered and let it re- emerge coloured effortlessly with their own personality”.

Uppermost in Vause’s mind when composing is the importance of evoking emotion, time and place. A common reaction to hearing his music is that it creates pictures in the mind. Louis is a Composer, Pianist, and Teacher who has worked with bands as diverse as Madness, Graham Coxon, The King Blues, Ffion Regan and The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra and can count amongst his clients ­ both current and former ­ George Harrison, Suggs, Beth Orton and Virginia Ironside. He has released three critically acclaimed self penned albums and has appeared and worked on many television and radio shows including ITV’s recent ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ adaption and ’The Fast Show’ and in cinema performing with The Louis Vause Orchestra in Paramounts remake of ‘Alfie’.

He has a daughter, Melody, and lives in London.

Shawn. Lee

Shawn Lee is one of the most prolific musicians of his generation and is widely regarded and respected throughout the music industry as such. A multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer songwriter & composer who has released 34 albums as an artist to date.

He has played, produced and written on hundreds of records. He has worked with a diverse range of artists including Jeff Buckley, Kelis, Amy Winehouse, and Princess Superstar.

Lee's music has been used extensively in both film & TV - Monuments Men, 20 feet from stardom, House of cards, Orange is the new black, Oceans 13, Eastbound & Down, Ugly Betty, Nip Tuck, and many many more.

John. Pickup

Aside from being a heavily accomplished Jazz pianist and performer, John has completed scores for television series on major UK networks (Channel 4 & 5) as well as producing music for feature film trailers in Hollywood, including Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince.

Other recent scores were used in European feature film ‘Epikindines Mageirikes’, US film promos for Horrorfest and promos for US TV series At Risk.

In addition to his film and TV work, John has arranged and conducted string and brass parts for contemporary album projects for pop artists signed to Sony/BMG, EMI and Virgin records

Steve. Coogan

As an actor, comedian and writer Steve obviously needs no introduction. But few know that he has also written music.

Monty Music represents the songs Steve has written on the ‘Tony Ferrino’ album entitled ‘Phenomenon’ and EP entitled ‘Help Yourself’.

Steve. Llewellyn

Front man of Americana UK group Orphan Colours, Steve pens hits for the band as well having a string of widely acclaimed releases from a previous folk group incarnation Ahab. Steve also works with other artists in co writing scenarios.